Dua Lipa Mixed Three Extremely 2000s Trends in One Outfit

Alyssa Hardy
·1 min read

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The singer celebrated her no. 1 rock album with a call back to her Hannah Montana days.

At this point, Dua Lipa is almost singlehandedly bringing back 2000s-era style through her own wardrobe. Following her SNL performance on Dec. 19, the singer stepped out in N.Y.C. wearing not one, not two, but three trends that were huge in the aughts, all in the same outfit.

On top, Dua wore a matching thin scarf and sweater with no jacket. A trend that could be seen on every red carpet in 2003 – looking at you Lindsay Lohan. On the bottom, she wore low-rise oversized jeans and a pair of classic UGG boots.

It's as though she walked into the set of One Tree Hill and somehow walked out of the Bowery Hotel.

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Of course, this wasn't the only fashion moment Dua Lipa had over the weekend. On SNL, she performed her hit song "Levitating," wearing a show-stopping hat and gown from Valentino's FW20 Couture collection.