Dua Lipa just rocked the triple winged graphic eyeliner trend, and she looks so good

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Photo credit: @dualipa - Instagram
Photo credit: @dualipa - Instagram

If you've been on Instagram at all within the past few months or so, you probably would have seen a few posts from Dua Lipa living her best life, all whilst travelling the world on her Future Nostalgia tour. She certainly DGAF.

Of course, seeing as we're in an on-again-off-again relationship with the UK weather (it's just not it ATM), we're Levitating (lol, soz) vicariously through Dua's IG Vienna posts. But I digress, for her latest Instagram Story is not yet another bikini pic (disappointed, much? Me thinks so), but a selfie featuring an incredible three-winged graphic eyeliner look.

Now, with any tour, just like a red carpet award ceremony or any major event for that matter, there comes a tonne (and I mean a tonne!) of glam beauty looks, so, it's not too much of a surprise to see Dua rocking a not-so-everyday beat. To provide those Hotter Than Hell looks (I can't resist the puns, guys), the singer has brought along makeup artist, Shelby Smith.

As you may know people like to call Dua a lot of things – Dula Peep and Duo Lingo being two of my personal favs – but with her most recent look, she's only gone and added a new name to the roster. And that is a title I like to call: the triple winged ✨master✨. Take a look below at the makeup in question:

Photo credit: Dua Lipa @dualipa - Instagram
Photo credit: Dua Lipa @dualipa - Instagram

For the look, Shelby has left the majority of the lid eyeshadow-free and instead, has added the dramatics with a classic black liner on the lash line and another in the crease accompanied by a third featuring red and gold glitter. I mean, one wing is impressive, but three... now that in itself deserves the Best [MU]Artist Grammy Award.

If this look is anything to go by, we can't want to see what the final leg of the tour has in store for us – makeup-wise, ofc.

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