Are Drug Dealers Marketing to Your Kids on Social Media?

Are Drug Dealers Marketing to Your Kids on Social Media?

The Doctors discuss how social media has become a marketing tool for drug dealers who are targeting teens looking to buy drugs. They welcome therapist Chris Paulson from Alo House Recovery Centers to identify the signs you need to look out for.

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Chris says dealers can be found on a variety of social media platforms and many of these posts expire and disappear after a set amount of time making it difficult for law enforcement officials to track down.

He shares some recommendations for parents who might be concerned telling The Doctors that behaviors like concealing texts, password protecting a device or acting anxious when using a phone could be a red flag.

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He also explains behavior changes like agitation, mood instability, and weight loss could also be signs of a problem.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho stresses the importance of parental involvement when it comes to social media and says she feels that parents need to have complete access to their child's social media accounts.