Driver Who Killed Davide Rebellin Fled Scene Because He Didn’t Think He Was at Fault

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Driver Who Killed Davide Rebellin Fled SceneERIC FEFERBERG - Getty Images

When Davide Rebellin was killed last November shortly after retiring from a 29 season racing career, reports circulated that the driver of the truck who fatally struck the recently retired pro stopped briefly to take in Rebellin’s body before driving off. It seemed unthinkable.

This week we have learned that is indeed exactly what happened. An investigation by the Italian news program Le Iene and reported by tracked down the driver in the deadly hit-and-run, 62-year-old Wolfgang Rieke.

While the driver would not speak to the program himself, his brother Jürgen Rieke spoke to the journalists in his stead.

He didn’t run away, he just left

Jürgen Reike stated that his brother drove away after killing Rebellin because he didn’t believe the fatal collision was his fault. “If he stayed there for 10 seconds, it is because he was convinced he had nothing to do with what happened. At the moment he is shaken and the investigation is ongoing so he will not issue statements,” Jürgen Rieke said. “He didn’t run away, he just left because he didn’t realize he was guilty.”

“If in Italy the police had done their job and not the press, the matter would have already been clarified,” Reike continued. “Tell Rebellin’s family that we suffer greatly from what happened.”

Reike already had two prior driving convictions in Italy before the fatal hit-and-run.

Le Iene also spoke to the late champion’s brother, Carlo. “Accidents can happen, but you can’t not help. My brother was treated like an object, no one even tried to apologize to us,” he said.

The investigation is still ongoing, and at this time Wolfgang Rieke is still working as a truck driver for his brother’s shipping company, Rieke Transporte. Whether he will ever face any consequences aside from “suffering greatly from what happened” remains to be seen.

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