Dried Tangerine Peels Give Herbal Teas A Flavor Upgrade

tangerine tea with spices
tangerine tea with spices - Elena Rui/Getty Images

Herbal teas are a delightful way to soothe your body and mind. Whether served piping hot in your favorite mug or over ice for a refreshing sip, it never fails to deliver both flavor and hydration in spades. There are so many types of herbal tea that it is virtually impossible to get bored, especially if you are willing to mix and match different ones together to create your own blends. If you feel confident customizing your teas in this way, we have a recommendation for your next experiment: Try adding dried tangerine peels.

Tangerines on their own are quite a tasty snack, but their peels can do wonders for your tea as well. Much of the flavor and aroma we associate with citrus comes directly from the fragrant oil in the peels, which is why ingredients like citrus zest are often included in cooking and baking. When incorporated into tea, the sweet, tangy, and slightly floral smell and taste of tangerine peels will complement assertive flavors and uplift milder ones, creating an intriguing new drinking experience that you wouldn't have otherwise. That is not to mention the nutritional benefits that come from tangerine peels, including the presence of many vitamins and antioxidants.

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How To Add Dried Tangerine Peels To Tea

a pile of tangerine peels
a pile of tangerine peels - Far700/Shutterstock

Adding dried tangerine peels to your tea is easy, and it can be a great way to upcycle what would normally be discarded from the fruit. If using peels from tangerines that you have eaten, be sure to select organic fruit and clean the peels thoroughly before drying in order to ensure the highest level of food safety. Once you have enough peels available, you must dehydrate them using either a mechanical dehydrator or your oven. When using your oven for this process, place the peels in a single layer on a baking sheet and set them in the oven at its lowest temperature for two to three hours or until the peels feel completely dry. You can then break the peels into smaller pieces and incorporate them into your loose-leaf tea.

This trick will work for so many types of herbal teas, so which you choose to pair it with is entirely up to preference. You can toss them into a fruit-based tea to amplify the sweetness and acidity of the other fruits found within or use them in a tea like lemongrass to bring out the hints of citrus flavor that are otherwise somewhat subtle. On the other end of the spectrum, you may wish to include them in teas where the tangerine flavor can act more as a contrasting element — we recommend pairing it with flavors like warming cinnamon or even potent lavender.

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