Drew Barrymore Dresses Like ‘M3GAN’ and Fans Are Freaking Out Over Her Spot-On Dance Moves

M3GAN, is that you?

Moviegoers have not been able to stop talking about the robot killer doll ever since the horror movie premiered in theaters earlier this month. And Drew Barrymore wanted to join in on the fun and fully embraced the M3GAN-core aesthetic on the latest episode of her talk show.

Baby Luv, Coco Chanel, Harajuku and many more

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In a preview clip shared by The Drew Barrymore Show Instagram page, the actress, 47, is dressed entirely in the M3GAN attire (even down to the creepy blue contacts). TV host and producer Ross Mathews walks into the hallway and spots her from afar. The Scream alum goes on to show off her best dance moves and recreates the viral dance that has been taking the internet by storm.

Baby Luv, Coco Chanel, Harajuku and many more

Her fans practically ran to the comments section to rave about Barrymore’s frighting transformation into the dancing robot. One person wrote, “Oh my god!!!!!” Another chose to do a creative spin on the movie concept and shared, “DR3W!!!!!

As an added treat, the 50 First Dates star shared a hilarious BTS video of the entire process of turning into the sinister doll. “I’m getting dressed as M3GAN today. You want to come see? I have colored contacts,” she said in the vid. And if that weren’t enough, Barrymore even had M3GAN’s high-pitched voice down to a science.

Baby Luv, Coco Chanel, Harajuku and many more

On the show, Barrymore had a chance to talk to Allison Williams (who plays Gemma in the movie) and performed her best M3GAN impersonation. “Hi, Allison. Do you want to hang out?” the talk show host asks in a robotic voice, to which she responds in a worried tone, “I’m not sure.”

Baby Luv, Coco Chanel, Harajuku and many more

You just made our day with this one, Drew.

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