Drew Barrymore Admits She Believed E.T. Was Real in Nostalgic Clip From 40-Year Reunion

The adults kept the magic alive for the child actress.

Drew Barrymore is reflecting on the innocence of childhood with some of her fellow E.T. castmates

The actor-turned-talk-show-host is getting the band back together on an upcoming episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, where she admitted that she believed the extra-terrestrial puppet was real when they were filming the cult classic in a preview shared on the show's Instagram account earlier today, Oct. 28.

"I believed E.T. was real," she revealed in the first moments of the sneak peek. "I really, really loved him," she continued, as some of her guests looked on skeptically, "in such a profound way." So much so that she would even bring lunch to him as a little girl.

Henry Thomas, who played Elliot, jumped in to share that she wasn't just making sure he was well-fed, though. "Well, the first thing I remember is we were on stage, and it was quite cold on the stage, and you asked the wardrobe lady if you could have a scarf for E.T.'s neck because he was going to get cold, so you wrapped the scarf around his neck. But Dee [Wallace], who played their mother, Mary] has a great story," he said, changing the subject. 

"Well, we found you over there just talking away to E.T., and so we let Steven [Spielburg] know, and so Steven, from that time on, appointed two guys to keep E.T. alive so whenever you came over to talk to him, he could react to you." 

Barrymore was clearly touched learning this information, her eyes appearing to well up before the clip started over.     

Her followers were thrilled with the behind-the-scenes insight, just as touched that the crew worked so hard to keep the magic alive for her.

"Eppppp 🥹 and it came across in the film Drew! You can tell you loved him for real 💕 this just makes it all the more magical and special to know. Ahhhhh bestill my heart ❤️ just too precious!!" one commented.

"What a beautiful memory that u found out why ET seemed so real to you, bless those who made that happen for a very young girl who was able to keep ET in her heart forever ❤️", another wrote. 

"Oh, how cute! I love that they 'kept him alive' to react to you!" another said. 

We can't wait to see what other sweet stories the group has to share about the beloved film. You can see the full reunion on Halloween's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show this Monday, Oct. 31.

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