Drew Barrymore Accosts Fan on the Sidewalk: 'I Want to Steal Your Pants'

See the pants that led Barrymore to pull over her vehicle.

Drew Barrymore is out here in the streets making dreams come true!

The beloved actress, mom, and talk show host was enjoying what was presumably a calm ride when something outside caught her eye: an impressive pair of pants.

Not only did the Charlie's Angels alum ask her driver to pull over, but she declared out a window, "I want to steal your pants!"

So, what did the pants in question look like? A pair of loose cotton pajama bottoms with a watercolor pattern on the bottom half.

"Um... you are my favorite actress," the owner of the fabulous pants responded, which can be seen on Barrymore's Instagram. "Of all time."

"You're one of my favorite people," she countered, while someone else shouted, "Give her your pants!"

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Barrymore further complimented the pedestrian, as she added, "You just radiate a beautiful energy."

"Wow," was all the fan could muster, before referencing his favorite film, calling her "Julia Gulia," who she played in The Wedding Singer.

"Best movie of all time," he said before the clip cut off.

Barrymore added a sweet message to the fan, as she captioned the video upload: "Hi! If you see this… I loved your energy and your pants!!!!"

And it wasn't just the fan who was blown away by Barrymore's sweet remark.

"Imagine just walking your dog and having Drew Barrymore shout at you through a car window," one person wrote.

"What a lucky guy!!" another said. "And those pants are pretty amazing!! 💚🥰 I would completely die if you rolled up to me in a car and started talking to me. I love you Drew!! 💛💛💛"

"I would’ve just started bawling…..then I would’ve taken off my darn pants, folded them and handed them to her," another commented in part. To be honest, we feel similarly.

To this random passer-by, we have just one question: What's it like to live our dream?