Drew Barrymore, 46, Says These Hydrating, Anti-Puff Eye Patches Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

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Drew Barrymore Shares Her Go-To Under-Eye PatchesSean Zanni - Getty Images

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  • Drew Barrymore just shared her favorite anti-puff eye patches with her fans.

  • The 46-year-old loves Talika Reusable Eye Therapy Patches for their ability to hydrate and rejuvenate under-eye skin.

  • “They will blow your mind,” Barrymore said. “‘Puff be gone,’ and I mean for the rest of the day.”

When it comes to skincare, Drew Barrymore, 46, knows her stuff—and she refuses to keep her favorite products a secret. From hair serum to lip balm, eye cream to leave-in-conditioner, the actress and TV personality is a wealth of knowledge on the beauty products that are actually worth your money—and her latest recommendation is no exception.

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Talika Smoothing Eye Therapy Patch Refills




On a segment of The Drew Barrymore Show this week, an audience member asked the host for tips on how to cover the new bags under her eyes. In true Barrymore fashion, she launched right into a recommendation for her favorite under-eye treatment: Talika Reusable Eye Therapy Patches.

“You have to get these eye patches. They will blow your mind,” the Charlie’s Angels star raved. “You put them on your eye for 30 minutes. Puff be gone, and I mean for the rest of the day.”

Talika’s patches rejuvenate and de-puff eyes by infusing skin with a moisturizing mix of ceramides, shea butter, and botanical oils. After 30 minutes, under-eye skin simply looks brighter. Unlike other eye patches, they’re dry, and reviewers say they stay put while you do other things. Better yet, each patch can be used at least three times—you can rinse them with water, let them air dry, and place them in their case for the next time you need a boost.

Barrymore is far from the only celebrity fan of the patches: The brand claims that the likes of Eva Longoria, Missy Elliott, Brooke Shields, and even Bill Murray have used them to “erase traces of fatigue” before shoots and red carpet appearances.

Online shoppers also love the product. “Talika is the only brand of eye patches I will wear,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The patches do take away the lines under the eye area. They are reusable. The case is sleek. They are worth the money.”

“I have very sensitive eyes, but these were so natural it caused no irritation,” another reports. “It improved the dark circles under my eyes a little, but really left the skin feeling plump and super-soft.”

“After using them for a couple of weeks, I’m pretty impressed!” yet another Amazon reviewer explains. “I’ve completed 11 treatments now, and although this hasn’t miraculously banished my dark circles, it’s definitely softened them and has made a noticeable difference to the fine lines/baby wrinkles around the outer corners of under my eye area. My whole under-eye area also just feels much more hydrated and soft and looks generally brighter and healthier.”

Folks, it looks like Drew Barrymore has done it again—now excuse us while we add these patches to our cart.

Below, find more Drew-approved skincare selects here.

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