Dramatic Video of Man Earning Dog's Trust Is Impressive and Hilarious at the Same Time

This narration is pure Internet gold.

As a dog person, it can feel like a personal insult when you meet a dog who doesn't immediately trust you. Still, it happens! It can take some time to earn a pup's love and trust, but once you do, it's oh-so-worth it.

Dog trainer and TikToker @ericandcaprithepup made this hilarious video about what it's like to win over a dog, and we are completely obsessed. It's hilarious, it's accurate, and it shows some helpful tips--someone give this man an Oscar immediately!

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OMG, we're still laughing over here! Eric's narration is brilliant, and his storytelling is next-level. If he hasn't considered cinematography as a side hobby, he definitely should! 

"The drama!" commented viewer @sameinthe_end. It's exquisite! TBH, though, gaining a dog's trust can feel just as suspenseful as this, so we applaud Eric for the emotional accuracy. And that pup's acting role was award-worthy!

Even so, there's no denying how helpful Eric's tips are. "The training is easy human training is hard. that his home my man!" @simp.lee.j wrote. It's so true! Training involves just as much work for us as it does for our dog, and that's the first lesson anyone should learn. 

@Malonethesaiyan asked, "How did you start dog training? What books would you recommend?" and we love that Eric answered so quickly. He replied, "The very first book I read regarding dogs is called 'the amazing dog training man.'” Perhaps we'll give it a try!

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