Drake continues to dominate TikTok trends with new party meme

As one of the biggest artists in the world (with over 68 million monthly listeners on Spotify), Drake, aka Aubrey Graham, continues to solidify his place in pop culture — especially with yet another trend on TikTok at the forefront.

Two Drake-focused trends recently rose to prominence on TikTok. Users made cakes with the Toronto rapper’s face on them, and they also became enamored with an instrumental Strings from Paris cover of his 2010 hit “Over.” Those two trends centered around the star’s early 2010s work. Nearly 10 years later, TikTok’s latest trend is embracing the new version of Drake.

The trend shows Drake dancing at a club to his 2022 song “Sticky.” In the original video, he was at a club dancing with social media personality @2raree in the summer of 2022, shortly after the release of Drake’s most recent album Honestly, Nevermind. The two were seen dancing in many videos, with one clip currently trending.

While his arms move around, they go out of frame for a second. TikTokers are filling in the blanks when this happens, showing what might be happening with his hands.

One of the most popular videos in this trend turns Drake into a villain — and a hilarious one at that.

“The disrespect in that cup slap,” said @jasonrodelo.

“Too good for this app,” replied @totouchanemu.

As the series continues, the cuts in the video have gotten more and more over the top and moved away from just dipping fingers into someone’s cup.

“These clips are getting better every time,” said @seifsamirsimracing.

Drake has been at the center of several online jokes throughout the years, so it’s no surprise he’s trending once again. With the internet’s creativity and the canvas to make Drake’s hands do whatever’s possible, expect to see more of this video.

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