This Drag Queen Pulled Off a Cruella de Vil Look Flawlessly

·1 min read

The Cruella de Vil renaissance is in full swing (bless!) Not only do we have Emma Stone playing the iconic character in an upcoming Disney+ movie, but we've got a brilliant interpretation of Cruella's look on this episode of Cosmo Queens. Sierra Misst is a drag queen originally from Detroit, Michigan who lives in between there and NYC. Her work on today's episode was mad impressive, but Cruella isn't the only Disney-inspired look that Sierra's churned out!

"I’ve always been a Disney fan and I had heard fun sounds, songs, and dialogues that were already circulating on TikTok," Sierra told us. "I love performing through my makeup, so Disney material seemed like a perfect way to bring some of my ideas to life in an over-the-top and fantastical way that I thought would appeal to a broad audience."

And her looks have def appealed to people. On TikTok Sierra (AKA Evan Wittstock) has gained over 700k followers. That adds up TBH, 'cause who wouldn't want to tune into content like this?

Check out today's full Cosmo Queens episode to see how Sierra's completed Cruella De Vil ensemble came together!

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