Dr. Martens Hits on Grunge Gold With the Jadon Boot

One of Dr. Martens’ most popular boots turns 10 this year just as Gen Z hypebeasts pull ’90s-era grunge style out of the past and back into the fashion agenda.

In the decade since the British boot maker started selling the Jadon boot, the Quad-soled combat-style stomper has amassed a celebrity following on its evolution from “subcultural statement to anti-mainstream cult icon,” according to the brand. Bella Hadid was spotted wearing the platform footwear with a red mini ensemble while “Industry Baby” rapper Lil Nas X paired his with what appears to be a leather-look version of a Canadian tuxedo.

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On TikTok, #jadonboots and #docmartensjadon have racked up a combined 32.4 million video views of people unboxing their Docs and showing how Jadon boots complete their #ootd. Social media lets people “share their style across continents rather than across cities,” said Damien Wilson, Dr. Martens’ former creative director, in a new video reflecting on the Jadon boot’s impact and looking forward to what lies ahead.

True to Dr. Martens’ roots as a staple in the music scene, the Jadon boot has cemented its place among artists and creatives.

“The Jadon boot plays an important role in music,” said Darren McKoy, creative director for Dr. Martens, in “The Story of the Jadon Boot: 10 Years.” “Pop, grunge, progressive alternative. The boot empowers the artists that truly adopt the brand.”

Dr. Martens sponsored a music showcase at SXSW this year.
Dr. Martens sponsored a music showcase at SXSW this year.

Resale sites from Depop to Poshmark are awash with Jadon boot listings, signaling strong consumer interest in acquiring the in-demand unisex boots for more affordable prices than the minimum $200 that the vegan or leather versions go for on the brand’s dot-com.

Dr. Martens gathered brand fans and insiders to share memories and moments in the seven-minute ode to the Jadon boot. Photographer Tommy Ton, whose images have graced the pages of GQ, and “OG” fashion blogger Bryan Yambao, better known as BryanBoy, are some of the personalities who share what they think makes the Jadon boot stand out.

For Yuri, a marketing professional with ’90s “real clothing” brand X-girl founded by Sonic Youth singer and guitarist Kim Gordon, the Jadon boots help propel the resurgent relevance of ’90s culture. X-Girl’s sold-out Jadon boot collab was key to positioning the stand-out footwear as a “staple boot for Gen Z girls,” she said in the video.

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