DoorDash driver sparks debate after sharing the consequence for declining a low-paying order: ‘Just raise the pay’

A DoorDash driver is sparking a major debate after expressing their frustration with the service.

The issue comes from a TikTok user named Cyn (@swizzlebalarkey), who, according to her page, frequently drives for the delivery app. In a video posted on April 13, Cyn showed what allegedly happens to drivers who turn down low-paying food orders.

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Her clip is just the latest conversation-sparking post from a food delivery worker. Recently, an Instacart driver went viral after expressing her frustrations with the app’s customer complaint service. Before that, an Uber Eats worker shared how customers can use a strategy called “tip baiting” to trick drivers into bringing their food faster.

Cyn’s video was brief, but it drew countless different opinions. It began with the driver showing a screenshot from her DoorDash account, which warned her that if she declined an order, her acceptance rate would suffer.

The app also notified her that she needed to keep her rate above 70% in order to maintain “Top Dasher” status. The program, which is meant to reward the most reliable drivers, grants special rewards, like the ability to drive in any area at any time — no matter how busy it is.

Cyn questioned the strategy, asking why the service would threaten drivers’ status instead of encouraging them to accept low-paying orders.

“So instead of DoorDash just raising the base pay on each order,” she said. “They decided to threaten our Top Dasher status. Oh my gosh, just raise the pay.”

As the video showed, DoorDash drivers must maintain an order acceptance rate of 70% or above in order to keep their Top Dasher status. Additionally, they need a customer rating of 4.7 or more, a completion rate of at least 95% and 100 completed deliveries in the prior month.

Typically, DoorDash will restrict drivers from working in areas that are “not busy” or “at capacity,” meaning there are already enough workers to fulfill customer needs. However, Top Dashers are able to override that policy and work wherever, whenever.

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Cyn wrote in her caption that she’s actually never been a Top Dasher. Instead, her issue seemed to be that the status can persuade drivers to accept unideal orders. As many DoorDash drivers claimed in the comments, some orders are often “not worth” accepting due to the distance or the total cost of the food.

“Guess I’ll never be a top dasher because I refuse to accept anything that isn’t paying me a minimum of $1 per mile,” one user wrote.

“We shouldn’t get penalized for declining orders,” another added. “We’re supposed to be in charge of what we earn and a $2 tip ain’t worth 30 mins of my time.”

“My acceptance rate is at like 3%,” another agreed. “I won’t drive 8 miles for a $3.50 McDonald’s order.”

Others, meanwhile, seemed frustrated by Cyn’s complaints.

“Get a real job,” one user commented.

But TikTokers pushed back against those critics. Many agreed with Cyn that the onus falls on delivery companies.

“Imagine how much less complaints and how much more deliveries there be if there was high enough base pay that any extra tips are a nice reward,” one user wrote.

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