Don’t Mess With Jordana Brewster’s Shampoo

Donna Freydkin

Up close, it’s very hard to fathom that eternally fresh-faced actress Jordana Brewster is 37, but numbers don’t lie — her birthday is on Thursday.

So Yahoo Beauty sat down with Brewster, a spokeswoman for Zyrtec allergy meds, and her longtime makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, to get the scoop on their skin care secrets.

“Once I turned 36, I swore that I would wear mascara every day. That went out the window. I live in L.A., and I just wear sunglasses. You know Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat concealer? It has this sheen to it and this coverage. I always want the brightest and the lightest. It makes you feel so much better. So that and lip balm,” says Brewster of her everyday go-to products.

Yes, she likes her fancy products, but Brewster also keeps things simple. Make that very simple. She loves Pond’s cold cream and uses baby oil to remove her makeup. For serums, she has a specific brand in mind. “I like Vintner’s Daughter. It’s really concentrated and gives you this glow,” says Brewster of the $185 cult-favorite facial oil.

Greenberg gets sent a slew of products, and tests everything. “The Adore gold eye masks? These work — and they work really well. I try everything. I put them on, and when I took them off, I was less puffy,” says Greenberg. “I’m really into iS Clinical. It’s active skin care and very natural. Literally anyone can use it.”

She also has great advice for keeping your products clean. “Take an unused mascara wand and scrape off the top of your eyeshadow or blush — it takes care of any allergens and refreshes them,” says Greenberg of keeping your compacts clean.

Jordana Brewster with one of her boys. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jordana Brewster with one of her boys. (Photo: Getty Images)

As for Brewster, who’s married with two boys, she’s particular about what goes on her face and body. Especially when it’s something that costs $48 and $58 for the set.

“My husband is not allowed to have more products than me. I buy Shu Uemura shampoo and conditioner and tell him, ‘Babe, you cannot touch that side of the shower,’” she says.

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