Donna D’Errico Slays With Sculpted Abs & Booty In A String Bikini On IG

donna derrico abs butt legs bikini instagram video
Donna D'Errico Has 🔥 Abs, Butt In Bikini IG VideoDia Dipasupil - Getty Images
  • Donna D'Errico just dropped a video from a recent trip to the beach, and she's looking all kinds of strong and confident.

  • The actress, 54, posed lying down, wearing a little string bikini that accentuated her strong core, booty, and legs.

  • Donna works hard in the gym, and often posts videos and photos of her various fitness routines.

It might be the middle of January, but Donna D'Errico is soaking up the sun somewhere warm, and she wants everyone to know about it.

The Baywatch actress posted an Instagram video of herself in a pink, string bikini, lying on her back in the rain, looking all kinds of strong and confident. In the beachy video, Donna arches her back and shows off her sculpted abs, legs, and butt as someone takes photos of her.

“It’s been sweet being back home where I was raised! I’m thinking of staying! Rain & all! 🌧️ Have a beautiful Monday y’all ❤️,” Donna captioned the post.

Donna's friends and fans cheered her on, leaving lots of comments on her post. “GOOD GRAVY WOMAN!!! 😍,” one person wrote. Another added, “Sensual art at its finest, aka Donna D’Errico. ❤️🔥.” And the fire emojis were simply endless.

Donna doesn’t share all of the details about her wellness routines, but she does take fans along for some of her workouts on Instagram. Here is she is getting fight-ready with some boxing by the beach:

She loves walking with her Doberman, who is super adorable:

And here, Donna provides a little peek into her leg, booty, and core workout as she does legs lifts and kicks on a mat back in 2019.

Next, she crushes some sled pushes at the gym, which takes a lot of cardio fitness and strength. In the post, Donna explains she asked her trainer for a routine that would tone her shoulders, legs and butt. Clearly, it's working!

If you're wondering about her other health habits, you should know that Donna follows a vegan diet (she was disturbed by a video about factory farms during a podcast interview and never looked back).

“At that time, I had no idea there were factory farms or what they were. I didn’t know what conditions these animals were in before they ended up on our plates and in grocery stores. I lived in the dark,” she told FOX News.

Donna added: “I watched the video. I came back to the room where he had his podcast studio set up and I was in tears. I told him I was never going to eat meat again. He said, ‘Well, great. Let’s finish the podcast.’ And we did. But from that point on, I didn’t need meat anymore.”

Keep doing what you’re doing Donna! You look so strong.

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