Donald Trump was 'thinking about my mother' when he met Queen Elizabeth

The queen walks with President Trump as they inspect the Coldstream Guards at Windsor Castle. (Photo: Getty Images)
The queen walks with President Trump as they inspect the Coldstream Guards at Windsor Castle. (Photo: Getty Images)

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump had tea with Her Majesty, the queen of England, on Friday, and he revealed to Piers Morgan what was going through his head at the time. It’s a pretty relatable reaction: He was thinking about how his mother would be proud.

Morgan, who conducted the interview for the Daily Mail while flying with the president on Air Force One (a fact that Morgan seemingly can’t help crowing about repeatedly), asked what was going through Trump’s mind when he first met the queen.

“Well, first of all, I was thinking about my mother. My mother passed away a while ago, and she was a tremendous fan of the queen. She thought she was a woman of elegance, and my mother felt she was a great woman,” Trump explained. “I remember, even as a little guy, if there was any kind of a ceremony to do with the queen, my mother would be watching the television — she wanted to see it.”

In a very humanizing moment, Trump admitted, “I was walking up and I was saying (to Melania): “Can you imagine my mother seeing this scene? Windsor. Windsor Castle.”

He told Morgan he mentioned his mother to the queen, saying: “You know, my mother was your big fan. She was born in Stornaway in the Hebrides. And that’s very serious Scotland, as you know, there’s no doubt about that.”

And of the queen herself, he added: “To have that meeting I think was really great. We met, but also watching the guard, hearing the sounds, being in that place, that very special place. It was very special, there’s no question about that.”

Mary Trump, who immigrated from Scotland in 1930 and became a U.S. citizen in 1942, passed away in 2000. While much has been made of the president’s domineering father, Fred Trump, less is known about his mother. In 2005, on Martha Stewart’s television show, Trump briefly mentioned his mother’s meatloaf. “She used to do a great job,” he said. On Twitter, he has called her “a wonderful person” and “a great beauty.”

When pressed by Morgan about how his mother would feel, the president said of the visit, which has been plagued by protests, “She’d be very proud.”

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