Dolly Parton Is Finally On TikTok & Everyone Is Obsessed With Her Baking Videos

Dolly Parton Is Finally On TikTok & Everyone Is Obsessed With Her Baking Videos

TikTok may have a new queen of cooking content now that Dolly Parton has joined the social networking site. In just a matter of days, Parton's account already has nearly two dozen videos, and we're living for every single one of them.

While the country singer's TikTok features a variety of videos—from pet videos to music—the ones about cooking seem to be the biggest hits among followers.

In one video, Parton proves she's just like us as she falls victim to a handful of charming blunders while promoting her Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting.

But we have to say that the singer really stole our hearts with her potato TikTok. In the video, Parton reveals that "Every diet I've ever fell off of it's been because of a potato. Either French fries or mashed potatoes or baked potatoes. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. I never met a spud I didn't like." Same, Dolly, same.

In another TikTok, Parton shares just how important the relationship between cooking and family is.

"I learned to cook from my mom and my grandmas and my aunts and my sisters. And we all get together and compare recipes. But nothing better than a good ol' coconut cake or a banana pudding or a banana cake. If you are what you eat, then why not be a sweet," she says.

If Parton's TikTok videos have you eager to whip up something sweet this holiday season, you might want to consider her Apple Stack Pie, a dreamy recipe that dates all the way back to her 1989 cookbook, Dollywood Presents Tennessee Mountain Home Cooking.

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