Doja Cat's Miles Of Sculpted Legs On the Grammys Red Carpet Are Next-Level Fierce

Doja Cat's Miles Of Sculpted Legs On the Grammys Red Carpet Are Next-Level Fierce
  • Doja Cat is looking straight fire these days—and we've got the snaps from last night's Grammys to prove it.

  • The 26-year-old rapper and Grammy Award-winner showed off her incredibly toned legs as she wore a sheer blush-colored Versace dress. Talk about next-level fierce!

  • To stay super fit, she makes sure to stay consistent with her sweat sessions, focusing on strength and resistance training.

Doja Cat won the 2022 Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Kiss Me More” on Sunday—and she didn’t screw around with her red carpet game, either.

The rapper and songwriter rocked a sheer, blush-colored Versace dress that showed off her incredibly toned legs and booty from the front, side, and pretty much every angle. Here's the evidence:

Photo credit: David Becker - Getty Images
Photo credit: David Becker - Getty Images

Fans low-key freaked over Doja’s award—and look—via her post on Instagram. “Queen 🔥🔥🔥,” one wrote in the comments. “HOT HOT,” said another.

OK, but…wow. The 26-year-old musician recently shared a few of her fitness tips during an Instagram Live that a fan saved on YouTube.

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In it, Doja shared that she hasn’t always been into working out, but she’s all in these days. “I am actually working out now,” she said, pointing out that she used to only work out during rehearsals for awards shows. But now, she’s a regular exerciser and she says it’s paid off.

What does a Doja-style gym sesh look like? When she has arm days, Doja works her way through four sets of exercises like shoulder presses and bicep curls. Naturally, she does leg days, too (I mean, just look at her). Those include moves like jump squats and kettlebell exercises. "I love doing squats," she said. "Don't know why, but my bottom half responds to a lot, and you can see it immediately."

While Doja is consistent about her workouts, she also made it clear that she’s built in some flexibility since she’s always traveling for work. "It's hard to get a hotel that has a proper gym," she pointed out.

Doja hasn’t said a lot about her diet, but she shared on Twitter in 2020 that she likes to cook for herself a lot. “I eat two eggs and spinach tortilla w caramelized onions pepper jack cheese and hot sauce and roll it up,” she shared. “I also eat a lot of seaweed.”

Pass the seaweed.

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