Dog's Sad Response to Seeing Late Fur Sibling's Memorial Has People in Tears

Ask any pet parent--when the time comes to say goodbye for good, it can feel like losing a piece of yourself. That's why it's so important to honor a late pet and process grief in whatever ways feel most meaningful to you. For the family of pet owner @picklepieo, that included a beautiful memorial for their dog of 16 years, who recently passed away.

As sad of an occasion as a pet loss is, the memorial they made for their angel was so heartfelt and beautiful. What absolutely broke our hearts, though, was how the late dog's fur sibling reacted to seeing the memorial. Make sure to grab the tissues before you watch!

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This family really went all out for this fur baby's memorial, and it's so beautiful to see. From the gorgeous portrait of the dog to stunning flower displays, there was so much to appreciate. We have no doubt that this pup is looking down on their family, feeling so loved.

"I swear I won't be able to make it if I lose my best friend," wrote commenter @unknown-99. We know what you mean! Pets add so much light and love to our lives, and it can feel like the world is ending when it's time to say goodbye. Fortunately, memorials and mementos are just two ways to help yourself heal from the immense loss.

As we saw in this video, even fur babies have trouble coping with the loss of their siblings and best friends. We aren't the only ones who were heartbroken to see the sweet Pit Bull literally crying at their sibling's memorial. @Dianaluvshair said, "the dog crying broke me," but we're ready to pass the tissues. As difficult as it is to lose a pet, we hope the family finds some comfort in everyone's words of comfort and commiseration.

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