Dog's Sad Reaction to Realizing Her Mail Carrier Friend Is Gone Is Just Pitiful

This poor baby!

Some friendships are like diamonds: they're oh-so-beautiful and hard to break, but they can be extremely rare, too. That's exactly how the relationship was between yellow Labrador Retriever Penelope and her mail carrier, Kari. Sadly, a new mailperson was assigned to their street, and they hadn't even stopped to give the pup a hello.

Penelope's owner, Court, posted a heartbreaking video of the pouting pup to their TikTok account, Once their fans came to the rescue with encouragement and suggestions, though, everyone felt a bit happier.

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Poor Penelope! Our hearts go out to this sweet girl to say the least--losing a best friend is never easy to endure. We're so glad she has a loving owner and so many adoring fans to help cheer her up, though.

"You better have a serious talk with this new mail person!!" said commenter @melissa_ann_79. Right? We're sure it's just a case of unfamiliarity and that the two will become the best of friends. Besides, how could anyone resist sweet Penelope?

Viewer @maildad13 had a great suggestion for Penelope and Court. He said, "I am a mailman and if the new guy/gal does not know. Meet him at the box or leave a note. We do not want [to get] bit and most dogs try and bite us." OMG--good to know! As friendly as Penelope and Kari may have been, we know about the stereotypes of dog/mail carrier relationships. 

Luckily. Court took @maildad13's idea and left a note for the new mailperson.

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We're just so glad to see these two becoming friends. A little kindness goes a long does a treat!

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