Dog's Relaxing Spa Day Is Making Us Insanely Jealous

She very much deserves it!

TikTok user @lily_boris_darcy is up for the best dog owner of 2022 because of the dedication they put into caring for their pups. After watching this video, you'll be realizing you need to step up your dog parenting skills. As do we! 

This TikToker gave their Golden Retriever named Lily a very special spa day. Lily, unfortunately, has arthritis and it usually gets worse in the colder weather. So her owner decided a spa day would help her as the winter days are approaching and colder weather is coming. You'll be so jealous of how relaxing this spa day looks!

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Aww! Does it get any sweeter than this!? We'll answer that ourselves. It does NOT get sweeter! This video truly warmed our hearts because Lily definitely needed a spa day. So as much as we're jealous, we'll let her have this one. LOL! 

"Awwww I hope your aches and pains feel better sweet girl. I feel you!!" said @casaboheme. We have a feeling after that massage, she'll be feeling brand new! And hopefully, she gets spoiled with more spa days throughout the winter. "Awesome spa day. You deserve it," added @adrianajanniinck5. We don't know of another dog that deserves it more than Lily!

Another TikTok user, @joani48, wrote, "I absolutely adore this beautiful little girl. I wish all dogs and animals could be treated like this." Right?! Especially older dogs who might have arthritis just like Lily. This video shows us that it is time to start pampering our precious fur babies because nothing is better than seeing your pup happy.


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