Dogs' Relationship Revealed by DNA Test Has the Family Mindblown

We weren't expecting this at all!

TikTok user @milkkarten recently posted an anniversary video celebrating the two dogs they adopted two years ago. This TikToker adopted the two thinking they were sisters. And by the looks of it, we would’ve believed that. They were attached to each other’s hips, doing everything together.

But one DNA test revealed they weren’t sisters at all. The results of the test left not only the family speechless, but the rest of the TikTok community. It’s no wonder this video quickly reached over 8.4 million views. You’ll be blown away!

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O.M.G. Stop it! This might be the most beautiful surprise any dog owner has ever received. Sisters have such a strong and unique relationship, but a mother-and-daughter bond can be even stronger. And that’s clearly evident in this video!

“A dog actually growing up with her mom has me SOBBING,” said @hellooleslie. We’re all sobbing over here! Not only are these two dogs mother and daughter, but their also best friends and just seeing their bond has truly warmed our hearts.

@lolah_ros3 wrote, “Mama aged like fine wine, can’t tell the difference.” Right?! We would’ve thought they were sisters too. “Thank you for keeping them together. They are the sweetest things,” commented @mel.garcia99. We just know these two are so thankful they’re together as well!

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