Dog's Reaction to Human Sister Going Off to College Makes Us Tear Up

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The pup already misses her so much.

It's never easy to see your kids go off to college, but it's extra hard for your pets. They have no idea why their human brother and sister isn't at home anymore. And seeing them wander around the house looking for their bestie can be absolutely heartbreaking. Take it from one woman on TikTok, who walked in on her German Shorthaired Pointer having a moment without his big sis. 

The sad incident was captured by the dog's owner @jencosey, who probably wasn't expecting the dramatic scene before her when she walked into her daughter's room. "Our only child moved to college last week," she wrote in the video's onscreen caption. The footage shows the mom walking through her house until she got to her daughter's room. That's where she found Stella, who was deep in her feels about being home without her sibling. 

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"We miss our favorite girl," the video's caption states. 

The video has since been watched over 67,000 times and so many people could relate. "This made me tear up. Stella, tell mom and the spare human you need another human sibling," @marybug44 wrote in the comments section. "My daughter just moved out and our dog slept with her the last 10 years and it breaks my heart when he goes down stairs looking for her," @ivyfauver shared. "This is heart breaking but be proud mama of the good job you and Stella did raising her," @cr4zydoglady added. "Aww poor baby, someone owes Stella lots of hugs and snuggles when she gets back..." @kathy_kaska advised.

We totally feel you Stella. It's never easy to be the child left at home with mom and dad. Thankfully Thanksgiving break is just weeks away.