Dog's Reaction to 'Favorite Grandma' Visiting Her Is So Heartwarming

Grandma drove 13 hours to see them.

Everyone loves visits from their grandma. During these visits, the grandkids are spoiled with toys and treats, often times without Mom knowing. Relationships like this are so important in families because it helps different generations bond and form connections with each other. One pup had visit from her grandma that showed their close relationship, and it was absolutely lovely to see.

TikTok user @calipolarbearcom recently shared a video of her pup, Cali, who closely resembles a polar bear. In the video, Cali excitedly greets her grandma, who drove for 13 hours to come visit! Check out the video to see this heartwarming reunion between Cali and her favorite grandma.

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Awww, this is just precious. We can tell that these two have a deep bond—they're inseparable! There's no better feeling as a dog mom than seeing your fur baby and your mom love each other so deeply.

People in the comments think this is lovely. said, "OMG, so sweet. So glad they got to come see y'all for Thanksgiving," and @heather_d_ga commented, "That's love." There's nothing better than the love between a woman and her daughter's pup!

Others can tell that this holiday visit is bringing plenty of joy for everyone involved. @olgam0962 commented, "Everybody is so happy!" and @gianniana8 said, "Cali clearly loves her grandma." We hope these two are able to celebrate another holiday together soon!

We love to see dogs treated like full members of the family, just like Cali is! This pup has a better relationship with her grandmother than most people we know. We can't wait to see how her grandmother spoils her wile she's visiting! 

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