Dog's Pitiful Protest Over Wearing a 'Cone' Is Sad Yet So Funny

Clearly, this pup had a few choice words.

Oh, the dreaded Elizabethan collar! Also known as the surgical collar or the cone of shame, most pet parents know how important these cumbersome pieces of plastic are. They help to keep your dog from licking a surgical incision or biting their skin while injuries heal from an accident or spaying/neutering.

Most pet owners also know how much the majority of dogs are totally annoyed by the cone of shame, like Arthur Munoz who submitted a funny video to PetHelpful. Just check out this gorgeous baby protesting having to wear this piece of plastic!

Listening to him complain is too funny, yet we also can't help but sympathize with this precious dog and those howls of protest. We totally get it!

If you find yourself in the same situation with your own pup, you can help them tolerate the cone by removing any obstacles that may trip them up while wearing this big hunk of plastic. You can also offer them plenty of treats and cuddles, and praise them for wearing the cone. You also might be able to remove it for meals (with your veterinarian's guidance). The cone is there for their own good and to help them heal, no matter how adorably they protest wearing it!

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