Dog's Patient Attitude While Listening to Cockatoo Tell a Story Is Priceless

The pup was totally into what the Cockatoo had to say.

Everyone has a friend or loved one whom they absolutely love but hate to listen to. Maybe their stories drone on and on, or maybe you just don't care--it happens! This adorable senior Labrador Retriever can absolutely relate, especially when his cockatoo friend starts telling his stories.

Buster the Cockatoo--the bird--is certainly a talkative guy, but it doesn't seem like Buddy the Lab is very invested in his story. Clearly, the pup is used to his friend's yammering, though, because he listens like the good boy he is.

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This Lab is such a good friend! Buddy continues to listen to his buddy even though he looks toward his human as if to ask 'is he going to stop anytime soon?' We have a feeling he isn't! Buster has some big feelings, and he needs to confide in a friend.

"Love the fact that the dog is not showing any interest or sympathy for Buster's bad day," wrote commenter @chrissylyons3. "It's too funny." It really is! Buddy has his own business to worry about, but he's still sticking it out to let his bird friend talk it out.

"Buddy says 'Mom, why me? Why does he have to tell me his story?" wrote @carolyntaylor130. That's exactly what his look seems to be saying! If Buster gives an earful to everyone, his owner will know their pup's pain. Hopefully, they'll help distract the busybody bird!

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