Dogs Give Off 7 Subtle Signs When They Don't Respect Their Human

The TikTok account for @Digitdax recently uploaded a video featuring their adorable long hair Dachshunds that illustrate signs that your dog doesn't respect you.

I think this video should be entitled Signs Your Dog is a Dog because so many of our own dogs do all of these behaviors! Watch the following clip and see if you agree!

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Woof. My own dog, who I want to think respects me, does at least five of these. The signs in the video are as follows: They avoid eye contact, they don't come when they're called and ignore commands and cues often, they always rush through doors ahead of you, they don't follow your lead - and tend to walk you, they walk away when you're talking to them, they steal food - often, and they sit in your seat and don't make room for you on the couch.

TikTok users think that all these traits are just Dachshund things and @Mameh says, "Are these a dachshund thing? Literally got all 7." @Dee says, "Lol Dachshunds don't respect ANYBODY." Another user replies, "Or you just own a dachshund and that’s everyday life."

There could be something to this, because Dachshunds are known as one of the more stubborn dog breeds.

WagWalking has some excellent tips on how to get your dog to respect you, and two of the key elements are a proactive attitude and patience. Try and make a time for ten minutes a day to practice basic commands like sit and come and then rewarding with a treat. Have a calm but firm approach, and make the pup wait a minute or two for things like food or talking a walk, because he will soon learn that you are the pack leader.

Or, you know, you could just get a cat. They will never rush ahead of you to do anything, LOL! They simply exist on cat-time.

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