Dogs To Be Allowed on Trams Permanently in UK City

Dogs To Be Allowed on Trams Permanently in UK City
Dogs To Be Allowed on Trams Permanently in UK City

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Greater Manchester is letting dogs travel on trams after last year’s successful pilot. The trial lasted for three months, before it came to an end in October. But in the meantime, dogs have still been allowed to travel on trams while a decision is made.

Local politicians are making a decision this week. Transport for Greater Manchester officials have recommended that they make the pilot permanent. 

The Mayor’s Plan

In May 2021, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham pledged to make the pilot happen as part of his re-election campaign. “As we build towards our Bee Network vision, we wanted to ensure that our integrated public transport system is as accessible as possible,” he said. “I committed to a pilot allowing non-assistance dogs on Metrolink when I was re-elected in 2021, and I’m delighted that TfGM and [Metrolink operator Keolis Amey Metrolink] KAM worked together to make it a reality.

“This important decision also wouldn’t have been possible without the vital feedback gained from our traveling public. By bringing Metrolink in line with other modes of public transport in the region which allow non-assistance dogs on their services, this is yet another step forward to providing the truly inclusive public transport network that the people of Greater Manchester deserve.”

A Supportive Public

A report following the pilot showed that the response was “largely positive”, though some people did raise concerns. These included allergies, attacks, and space on the trams. 

As a result, officials are introducing rules limiting the number of dogs to two per passenger. They also require that all dogs are on leads, and – if necessary – wearing muzzles too. Passengers are solely responsible for the dogs in their care, including clearing up any messes. Not only that, but they may have to avoid the busiest services too. 

80% of participants in an online survey said that officials should make the pilot permanent. And, even 50% of non-dog parents agreed.

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