This dog is the sweetest big sister to her human newborn twin siblings

This parent shared how the family dog helps take care of his newborn twins, and viewers can’t get enough of the adorable pup and how much she does for her human siblings!

Parents of newborns need all the help they can get, especially if those newborns are twins! Luckily, for TikToker and parent Joshua Rose (@uhohtwins), that help comes in the form of the adorable family dog, Lucy!

The video, which has over 10 million views, is a one-month update on how Lucy has been helping Josh and his wife take care of their newborn twins. In previous TikToks, Josh had been sharing his process for training Lucy to help take care of the twins by fetching certain items from the house, so this was the moment for Lucy to show off everything she’s learned!

The first clip shows Josh sitting with one of the twins, who is crying. “Lucy, can you please go get a thermometer?” Josh asks the loyal pup. Lucy trots off, and footage shows Lucy walk into the nursery, climb up a stool, grab the thermometer, and return it to Josh. “Today we celebrated our twins’ first month in the world,” Josh writes in the on-screen text. “And equally important, Lucy’s one month as a big sister.”

The following footage shows Lucy fetching a packet of wipes, a diaper, and a pillow (which was all the way in the basement!) for the hardworking dad. “Lucy’s learning more every day, and catches on to things without us even having to show her,” writes Josh. “We can’t explain it.” Josh adds that when either him or his wife is taking a nap, Lucy is always up and ready to help. “But I guess that’s just what big sisters do,” Josh writes, as the wholesome clip comes to a close.

The combination of a VERY good dog and adorable babies was too much for TikTokers to handle, and viewers flooded the comments section with tons of love and support.

“You guys deserve props as well. Great owners make awesome dogs,” wrote one supportive viewer.

“Protect that sweet baby dog at all cost,” wrote another admirer.

“Lucy is a saint and deserves the world and you guys are amazing for including her in this transition,” another TikToker praised.

While nannies, babysitters and helpful family members are nice to have around, nothing beats a friendly, well-trained dog!

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