Dog Stick Library in a Neighborhood Is a Stroke of Genius

Every neighborhood needs this for doggos.

You may have seen these adorable little libraries sprinkled in different neighborhoods. The purpose of this free library is for people to leave a book and take a book. And we're absolutely obsessed with them! Such a sweet way to connect a community while also giving back.

But one neighborhood that TikTok user @tylorncz was walking in takes this library to the next level. Besides the usual neighborhood book library, someone added a dog-friendly library. It's one of the smartest, and cutest, things we've ever seen!

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Aww, what a brilliant idea! We already love stumbling upon libraries on our walks in the neighborhood so adding a library for dogs next to it is simply amazing. Dogs will love it! "Well, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen," said @thedustinphillips. There's truly nothing like it!

"As an actual librarian, this video gives me new professional goals," commented @darlingmalachai. As dog owners, this video gives us a new walking goal and that is to find a stick library in the neighborhood. LOL! We would absolutely LOVE it if neighborhoods started doing this. There would be a ton of happy doggos in the neighborhood.

@ky606guy asked, "Yeah but did you leave one take one? Cause those are the rules." Stress not, the creator responded by saying, "I'll be sure to leave one next time we walk by! There were no suitable sticks around to donate." Understandable! You have to make sure you donate an acceptable stick for other dogs. LOL! "Bless whoever made this!" wrote @here4thepuppies. For real though, that person is our new favorite human!


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