Dog Stealing and Using the Patio Pillow in the Yard Is So Cute

How could you even be mad at this?

TikTok user @aly.jae came home every day one week to something different with the porch. Her brand-new porch pillows kept ending up in the grass. What in the world? She needed to figure out who the culprit was.

Luckily, she caught the culprit in the act. In this clip, which has over 1 million views, she slowly pulls back the curtain to look outside. As it turns out, her Border Collie was sneakily behind this act. At least her dog looks adorable doing it. Check it out!

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Aww! She kept taking the pillow off the couch and bringing it out to the sun to get a proper, and comfortable, sunbath in. We wouldn’t even be mad if we were in this TikToker’s shoes. And don’t worry, the dog has a bed the creator said. She really just loves this pillow. LOL! SO cute!

“Porch pillows? Oh, you mean pup pillows! Yes, they are perfect!” commented @shastens3. Oh, we’re for sure only calling it pup pillows from now on. “Are you kidding me?? Was not ready to have my heart melted lol,” added @hannahsb03. SAME! We’ve never seen a cuter napper in our life.

@babybisonnikki wrote, “I actually saw the wind blow it into the yard. Pup was just protecting it from going further.” That’s actually what we saw too. LOL! So because she was just looking out for this owner’s new pillows, we think she deserves some treats and a new pillow to call her own.

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