Dog Sitter Gets Most Unexpected Surprise After 'Losing' Her Friend's Pup

The odds of this happening are slim to none.

Dog sitting for a friend of relative is such a huge responsibility. You have to walk the dog and make sure they dog drinks enough water and feed the dog the correct amounts and probably that doesn't include giving it Cheetos while it's sitting on the sofa next to you while you are watching 90 Day Fiancé. You have to take really good care of this dog and sometimes it can be stressful. This is your friend's baby and you love your friend and you want their dog to be happy and on occasion things can go wrong.

Not like.. dangerously wrong. But bizarrely wrong. Don't take our word for it but watch the video posted by @ThePhitPhoenix who was watching her friend's dog and things went whackadoo from there.

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TikTok'ers are loving this whole thing and @DeaExLuna comments, "Girl that’s a glitch in the matrix. That’s the version you left outside." @Sarawagner548 says, "That is your friend’s dog’s friend."

But wait, there's more!

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We are HOWLING! This is the exact same dog. When they are all clean it's ridiculous how much they look alike. @CMJ comments, "It’s literally the same dog I’m crying." @MsTara13 says, "The original dog is like why do you have my whole face?"

And it just keeps getting better. @ThePhitPhoenix took the dog to see if it was microchipped and it wasn't.

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'Do you want something? A Gatorade? Some chips? ' @Missguqop comments, "Plot twist .. they’ve been switching back and forth for awhile."

Oh my gosh everyone wants this dog. @Thephitphoenix says everyone is messaging her claiming that is their dog.

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We agree with @ArianneJames who says, "At this point that’s your dog and I support it!" It's so true, ThePhit is taking amazing care of this dog and he seems to really like her! We are totally on the edge of our seats with this one. Whose Mans Is This?!

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