Dog Rescued With More Than 2 Pounds of Matted Fur

Dog Rescued With More Than 2 Pounds of Matted Fur
Dog Rescued With More Than 2 Pounds of Matted Fur
pounds of matted fur

Lenny after the fur removal. (Image credit: KC Pet Project TikTok)

It’s pretty normal for some of us to slip up on our dog’s grooming from time to time. For dog parents with more hard-to-groom breeds, sometimes the constant shedding, brushing, and trimming can grow to be a little too much. But for most of us, the appropriate action to take when grooming gets to be too much is to take our pet to a professional groomer. Unfortunately, in one case, a dog was left ungroomed for so long he was more hair than dog.

A New Haircut, and a New Lease on Life

A pup named Lenny arrived at the KC Pet Project, a Kansas City animal rescue, and immediately puzzled shelter staff. Lenny was so severely neglected that shelter staff couldn’t determine his breed. “Despite having all that extra weight, this dog had a lot of energy and was so sweet to all of our staff.” KC Pet Project said in a TikTok video. A team of two veterinarians worked to remove Lenny’s severely matted coat. When the job was done, close to three pounds of matted fur were removed. Thankfully, Lenny’s skin was in surprisingly good shape beneath his matted fur. Lenny has now found a happy forever home prepared to groom him appropriately.

@kcpetproject Meet Lenny! Lenny is currently available for adoption at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care in Swope Park. #shelterdogs #dogs #animalshelter #kansascity #fyp ♬ Music In Your Heart (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

When Grooming Gets To Be Too Much

Any dog can be overwhelming at times. When we’re trying to provide the best life for our pets, we worry about vet care, food, exercise, and grooming; with a busy schedule, it can all feel like too much to handle. If you know you’re struggling to groom your dog, consider an appointment with a professional groomer. This doesn’t always have to be frequent. A regular coat trimming every few months can help your dog’s coat stay a manageable length for you. Keep in mind that grooming cannot be avoided. An ungroomed dog can suffer from health conditions that impede their quality of life.

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