Dog Proves Why Pet Parents Shouldn't Own Glass Tables

It's like a window to your dinner.

There are lots of amazingly well-behaved dogs out there who have been trained not to beg at the dinner table. Their owners have taught them that dogs do not eat people food and they sit or sleep patiently in another room while their human family enjoys mealtime. 

Then there's the rest of us who made the mistake of giving our dogs half a chicken nugget that ONE TIME and now we can't even apply lipstick without our dogs jumping on us because they want some too. That's why some of us can relate all too well to this video that TikTok user @Olivia.a.Jones posted. See if this looks familiar..

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He has a front row seat to dinner! Those eyes! @Alexander posts, "I continuously move my plate to block their eyes and they learn eventually." LOL, that's one way of dealing with it. @Kristen adds, "My dog is so slow I think she would try and jump up and end up slamming her head under the table." @Miriam says, "Not me seeing this after I just bought a glass dining room table." Haha! Maybe the store has a good return policy? 

Yes, yes, if we could go back in time we never would have given our dogs a french fry but it's too late now. They've tasted human food and now they'll never give up. Maybe we all just need to buy really long tablecloths! There's an idea!

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