Dog Owner's Justification for Getting a Pet Stroller Couldn't Be More Convincing

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to get in those walking steps. The best part about owning a dog is that you can bring them along so you're not so lonely. But sometimes, the heat becomes too much for your dog and you’re stuck doing only a short walk.

That is until TikTok user @oatiemeal posted a justification for getting a pet stroller and we’re obsessed. Your dog can still enjoy the beautiful weather without pushing their limits. What’s not to love about this idea?!

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O.M.G. Say less. We’re already on Amazon looking up pet strollers as we speak. LOL! We can't wait to be strutting down the street with our fur baby and everyone's heads turning in amazement. We'll be the coolest people on the block for sure!

"I make my kids walk next to my dog in a stroller," commented @lizhulen. LMAO! Hey, we don't blame you. Dogs are oftentimes the first baby of the family so they should get special treatment. @jilliandp16 added, "I got my Frenchie one and I love how people judge me in public without knowing how Frenchies won’t walk long or in the heat. My dog loves it." Always put your dog's needs above what others might think!

Having a pet stroller is also beneficial to comfort your senior dogs. Just because a dog gets older doesn't mean they're less interested in the outdoors. In fact, it's important to get them outside for stimulation as it keeps them engaged and happy. And luckily, as pet strollers are becoming more and more popular, there are sizes for every dog.

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