Dog owner receives ‘creepy’ text from stranger

A dog owner shared a "next level creepy" text from a stranger on Reddit, where they asked the owner out and admitted they got the phone number off of their dog's collar. The Reddit user u/AvocadoDemon posted a screenshot of the exchange on the platform and asked, "Is this a thing?". The stranger had texted them, saying that they picked up their number after petting their dog and looking at the collar. When the Redditor didn't reply, . ... the stranger followed up with "Hello?" and then "Why do you even have your number on her collar if you don't want people to text you? What the f***? Such a tease". Clearly, the stranger has a vital misunderstanding of the purpose of putting a phone number on a pet's collar — it's in case the pet goes missing, and the owner can be contacted. Reddit was up in arms over the exchange. "I can't believe that there are actually people with this mindset," one person said. "The insinuation that she's, like, seeking attention by having the number on the dog's collar is hilarious to me," another added. One commenter took a moment to issue a larger warning about other people doing this with pets, especially if there's a phone number or address on a dog's collar