Dog Mom's Mailman Leaves the Most Thoughtful Gifts for Her Pups

We've all heard the cliche (and seen it in numerous cartoons) of dog-hating mailmen or dogs who hate their mail carriers and we've seen enough evidence of mail carriers who are absolutely wonderful to dogs and dogs that love their mail carriers to retire that tired old trope.

Just ask TikTok user @Goth_pack who was in for the best surprise ever when their mailman just happened to mention they wanted to make something for her dogs. This is just so wonderful!

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How amazing is this? Not only is the mailman the absolute sweetest but they are so talented! This person needs an Etsy shop ASAP. TikTok users are so touched by his kind gesture and @Witchy says, "This. Just small things like this are what this world needs. Small acts of kindness. More love. Let’s make it happen please." We couldn't agree with this more! @Brandi adds, "Protect your mailman at all costs!"

If you didn't think this whole scenario could get any better - it does! Because the mailman wasn't quite done being the absolute best and the video creator found the following in her mailbox the very next day.

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He even made the dog mom a shirt, awwwww! She posted in the video that her mailman does have an Etsy store and she would share details so everyone can support his awesome sewing skills.

@Charita says what we are al feeling, with, "Tell him he’s the most beautiful person in the world." What a wonderful mailman he is! We hope that he gets everything back he's putting out into the world.

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