Your Dog May Have Springtime Allergies Too

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Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, spring is here. While most of us enjoy the warming weather, the changing season is not good news for people who suffer from springtime allergies, who can start sniffling at the first sight of a daffodil. It's not just people that can start itching and sneezing when spring is in the air—pups can suffer from seasonal allergies, too.

According to the Daily Paws, seasonal allergies in dogs are usually triggered by an inhaled allergen like plant or tree pollen, mold spores, or other natural phenomena that can result in respiratory symptoms like itchy, runny eyes, coughing, and sneezing. While the Daily Paws reports that "respiratory allergies are much less common in dogs than in humans and cats," they are possible.

Dogs react to allergens much the way humans do: A whiff of pollen or some other allergen causes the immune system to overreact leading to itchiness and irritation. If your dog starts huffing and puffing, rubbing its eyes, scratching its ears, licking its paws, or sneezing when spring hits, it may be worth talking to your vet about allergy remedies.

If you're not sure whether your pup is just sneezing or actually affected by the pollen count, Daily Paws suggests "wiping your dog down with an unscented dryer sheet after walks" to help get rid of any stray pollen that landed on the coat or paws. If you have a particularly placid and patient dog, you can even try to carefully and gently vacuum the pup (with a specially designed dog attachment) when they come inside. Don't tell your dog we suggested this, but weekly baths can also help soothe itchy skin and get rid of allergens. If the dog is still itching and scratching and sneezing, talk to your vet about allergy options.

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