Dog Helps List the Top 5 Foods For Keeping a Pup's Teeth Clean


If there’s anything we can’t get enough of, it’s dog ASMR snacking videos. And luckily, this one right here is educational—the smart pup helps explain which human foods are good for keeping your pup’s teeth clean.

With the help of Pearl the Golden Retriever, we learn which foods can help keep plaque and tartar at bay on your pooch’s pearly whites. The human foods that can help with this are: carrots, cucumbers, celery, apples, and strawberries.

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Each of these delicious foods have a special secret way of keeping your pooch’s teeth clean. For example, he never knew that strawberries had enzymes that help keep a dog’s teeth white!

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In the middle of the video, the dog has a problem keeping her tongue in her mouth. Then, from all the tasty produce that she’s eating, she starts to drool all over the table. You’ve got to love those infamous Golden Retriever jowls!

This adorable pup keeps crunching away and it’s so satisfying to listen to. The high-definition microphone seems to capture every little detail of her eating. We can’t get enough!

All of these foods mentioned in the video are veterinarian approved and also delicious. Your pup will love to dig into a little salad of all of these ingredients (and you won’t be able to get enough of all the crunching sounds).

Dental hygiene is really important to keep in mind as your dog ages. Some dogs are more predisposed to developing dental problems than others, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your pup’s teeth no matter their breed. Thanks to these delectable snacks, your pooch’s teeth will be kept in tip-top shape!

Most fresh fruits and vegetables that are crunchy are good for your dog’s teeth. Another thing that keeps them clean is by using chew toys.

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