Dog Happily Helps Herself to Neighbor's Grocery Delivery and It's Too Funny

One of the only good things to come out of the Covid pandemic, except that one week when everyone was nice to each other in February 2020, was widespread grocery delivery. Gone are the days of waiting in line with your three items while someone with a giant cart-full talks to the cashier for half an hour about whether or not their coupons are expired!

One creature who seems to be a really big fan of grocery delivery services is this hilarious dog posted in a video October October 22. The only issue? These aren't her groceries.

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The hilarious video, shared by the TikTok account for @osha_5, has everyone in stitches. @Missforget comments, "They way she making sure nobody is watching or coming lmao." @Jaz adds, "Wait you let her out & she went and got groceries?? That’s a good dog Savannah!"

@Nequa makes a very valid point with, "That fish $24 a bag. A win is a win." @Golden hilariously says, "She just tryna contribute to the house! She said, "Look, I'm bringing in groceries now, so I'mma need my walks and treats to be on time." She's absolutely earning her keep! Animals stealing food is nothing new but the way she looks to see if she's being watched is hysterical.

Listen, she's obviously a very good girl and I commend her trying to feed her family and all, but I do take issue with what she chose to bring home. I mean, frozen fish? Didn't they have some delicious cookies or something? Train her to bring home the good stuff next time! Cookies and wine!

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