Dog Groomer's Clients are Named After Celebrities and TikTok Is Losing It

They got haircuts worthy of their names!

As a professional dog groomer (and TikTok superstar) @dogsbylogan meets all kinds of pups. Recently, though, he had some head-turning A-list names on his appointment list. Before you get too excited--these two Goldendoodles may be named after famous celebs, but they have no relation to the actual stars. 

Meet Lizzo and Dax! These VIPs are some of our favorites from Logan's channel, but it's the groomer's narration that makes the video so perfect.

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If you're not all smiles at the end of this video, we don't know what to say. Everything about it is so funny and cute and perfect! The pups are so well-mannered while being washed and groomed, and Logan's commentary is legendary.

"I literally fell off my bed when u said Lizzo came in," wrote commenter @selena9876543218. LMAO--us too! Then again, the singer does have dogs, so it could've happened! Then there's "Dax?... Dax Shepard?" as @s4yang.d0esntexist put it. Yep--that's the guy! If we're being perfectly honest, we see the resemblance between the actor and the pup. 

Surprisingly, there were a lot of commenters stuck on the term "bath and tidies." It's definitely the first time we've heard that! Still, we got a good laugh out of @fort_remy's comment: "doing too much on these bath and WHAT?!" LMAO! Logan's narration adds a lot to an already adorable video, and we're still obsessed. 

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