Dog Groomer Gets Real About the Awful Consequences of Matted Fur

This is why it's important to keep up with brushing and grooming.

Dog grooming isn't something that should be left solely to professionals. Of course, non-shedding breeds need to visit their favorite salon every now and then for a trim, but it's just as important for owners to brush and detangle their pup's fur between appointments.

It might sound like a lot of work--especially for owners of double-coated breeds like Poodle mixes-- but just a few minutes every day can prevent big problems. TikTok user and dog groomer @cincinnatigroomer gets real about what can happen without this at-home upkeep in a recent viral video.

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This poor pup! Those tangles look so tight and painful, and now he has to be shaved almost to the skin. The whole experience must be so traumatic for the unlucky dog, and it sure can't be easy for the groomer, either.

"Poor baby. There should be a system that you can report and keep track of how many times they bring their dogs in matted," suggested @lexidae_1111. That's a great idea! Neglect to care for a dog's coat is still a form of neglect, and no pet deserves to endure that level of discomfort.

Just like @llyssadraws said, the "poor thing had a toupee." That's a major case of matting! We're sure the pup felt much better when he was all shaved, but we can't help but wonder what the pup's owner's reaction was.

"And owners will have the audacity to call you lazy for shaving him when shaving pelted dogs is an insane amount of work," @bigwoof.and.littlewolf added. We sure hope the owner got the message, but the important thing is that this gorgeous doodle isn't in pain from knots and matts anymore.

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