Service Dog Giving a High-Five at a Hockey Game Is the Positivity We Need

Cohen knows how to have fun on the job!

Whether you celebrate or mourn the arrival of the colder months, we can guarantee that hockey fans are more than ready to party. The National Hockey League's season has just begun, but one of the cutest moments of the season has already occurred. Luckily, the NHL shared it on their TikTok account for everyone to love!

Cohen the Yellow Labrador is a dedicated service dog who attended a Boston Bruins game with his owner, Robert (who goes by @rxbbatwx on Instagram). When the Bruins scored, though--even Cohen had to celebrate!

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Aww, good boy! We love that Robert made sure to include his pup in the goal celebrations, and Cohen knew just what to do! Pups are always ready to party and that's just one reason why "dogs rule." Commenter @baileydadoggo said it best!

Even the American Kennel Club left a comment of happy emojis on the video, you know this clip is good. Every detail, from the electric atmosphere in the arena to Cohen's perfectly executed high-five, left us with huge smiles on our faces. We can only imagine how cute that would be to witness in person!

"Cohen is the best," wrote @bruins_boston37. As another dedicated hockey fan, they must know what they're talking about! We're not sure whether Cohen is a regular at Bruins games, but he clearly understood the assignment. We'd watch a game with him and Robert anytime!

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