Dog Found Abandoned Outside Airport, Held at Shelter

Dog Found Abandoned Outside Airport, Held at Shelter
Dog Found Abandoned Outside Airport, Held at Shelter

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Traveling with a furry companion can be a hassle, as anyone who has ever tried knows. Each airline has a separate set of rules for flying with your pup. In some cases, poor handling or bad safety protocols have led to the death of beloved companions on planes. Sometimes, dogs aren’t allowed to fly at all.

But, there are few of us who, when faced with this option, would do what one Iowa woman did – abandon her dog entirely.

A Cruel Choice for Man’s Best Friend

After being told that dogs were not able to board a plane, one dog was seemingly abandoned on Dec. 29th. Dubbed ‘Allie’ by the local shelter, the approximately one-year-old Bully mix was left tied outside the airport. According to airport officials, Allie’s former dog parent attempted to fly without a proper kennel.

Allie is now being held at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Until an investigation into her abandonment is complete, she will reside at the shelter. However, shelter staff noted she is friendly and in good spirits.

Flying Safely With a Dog – No Airport Disappointment

While few would make a cruel choice like Allie’s former dog parent, there are still ways to keep your pup’s potential airline travel safe. Ensure that the kennel you plan to put your dog in during the flight meets the airline’s specifications. If your dog gets nervous in new situations, you may want to ask your veterinarian about medication or calming supplements for the flight.

Make sure that everything meets the requirements for both the country you’re traveling to and your destination country, and ensure that you’ve got all of the necessary paperwork to avoid disappointment.

Not sure flying with your pup is a good idea at all? Look into boarding or pet care beforehand, so you aren’t scrambling for somewhere for your dog to stay!

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