Dog Dad Nails Why Having a Pup Is Just Like Having a Human Kid

Don't even try to tell us that pets aren't kids.

We're so sick and tired of hearing people complain that having a pet isn't like having a human kid because they require just as much work! Just like a kid, you have to provide your pets with food, play with them and even make sure they're healthy. We know it's not exactly the same as having a kid, but trust us it's hard work.

Just ask TikTok user @rickyleebarnes what it's like being a dog parent. This hilariously accurate video shows how jam-packed one day of dog parenting can be. It's one thing after the next. Watch this and tell us you can't relate.

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LMAO! This dog dad hit it right on the head when explaining what it's like to be a dog parent. And the caption is on point too. It's difficult but oh-so rewarding and we wouldn't change it for a thing!

"The most accurate description of being a dog parent I swear to God," wrote @ashdawnpierce_. You're constantly doing something with your fur baby at all times of the day. The creator responded by saying, "I didn't even bring up her homemade dog food..." LOL! And you can't forget how expensive food can get!

Another TikTok user, @chichita710, wrote, "You set a really high bar as a dog mom." We apparently need to step up our parenting skills. LOL! @taytorto75 added, "Having a fur baby is like having a toddler that never grows up." You can say that again! But we wouldn't trade it for the world!

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