Dog and Cat Owners Will Want Everything From Chewy's New Disney Collection

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Courtesy of Disney/Chewy

Cats and dogs are very different animals, but there is one thing that unites their owners: All pet parents love to spoil their four-legged best friend. And for owners who love Disney, you're going to be extra excited to splurge on your pet because Chewy just released a new collection of Disney products. There are a variety of items for dogs as well as cats, so there is a new toy, collar, or house for all of your furry pets.

Disney Collection at Chewy

The items feature a handful of your favorite Disney characters, including: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Genie (from Aladdin), Pumbaa (from The Lion King), and more. Many of the goods are super affordable (starting at just $7), so you can purchase a few pieces for your dog or cat.

Cat and Dog Bandana

Your pup (or kitty) will look adorable in this reversible bandana. One side is red with images of Mickey and Minnie, and the other is white with the two characters holding hands under the words "Sweet As Can Be." It has a hook and loop closure and comes in two sizes, extra-small/small and medium/large.

Buy It: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cat and Dog Bandana ($11, Chewy)

Cat Tree

If your feline loves to scratch your couches, this tree that features two scratchers will prevent them from running another couch. The wood piece measures 24x17x40 inches and has a swatting toy and plush platforms. It has subtle Mickey cutouts and will look great with neutral color schemes. One 5-star reviewer writes, "[My cat] loves to climb it and play with the attached toy. And she actually uses it like a scratching post, instead of using my couch! I’m so thankful for that!"

Buy It: Disney Cat Tree and Condo (from $160, originally $168, Chewy)

Dog Collar

Walks will be even more fun with this light blue collar that showcases Mickey's dog, Pluto. It's made of polyester that can handle seven times its recommended weight. The collar comes in four sizes, from extra-small to large, to fit any dog breed.

Buy It: Pluto Dog Collar (from $12, Chewy)

Rope Dog Toy

Pups will have a blast (and burn off extra energy) with this toy Genie. It features a rope portion at the end and a squeaker in the body. The toy measures 25x10x5 inches and is recommended for medium and large breeds.

Buy It: Genie Rope Squeaky Dog Toy ($12, Chewy)

Hide and Seek Dog Toy

Tasks that stimulate your dog's mind are just as important as physical activities. To play this game, you put the bugs in Pumbaa's mouth, and your pet will fish them out. Plus, it's recommended for all breeds.

Buy It: Pumbaa Puzzle Dog Toy ($20, Chewy)

Cat and Dog Bed

It doesn't get much cuter than this plush bed. It's 16x16x18 inches and is ideal for extra-small and toy dogs. (Pups that weigh up to 15 pounds.) It's machine-washable for easy cleaning and has a removable, reversible cushion. One buyer gives the bed 5 stars and writes that her chihuahua really loves it. "I find her curled up in just about every day since we got it."

Buy It: Minnie Mouse Cat and Dog Bed ($35, Chewy)

Mice Cat Toy with Catnip

Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey will keep your cat entertained all day long. The 3-inch toys are stuffed with catnip and a rope on one end to encourage playtime. To keep the catnip fresh, store the characters in a cool, dark place.

Buy It: Disney Mice Cat Toy ($7, Chewy)

Plush Dog Toy

This flat toy is perfect for a game of tug of war or fetch. It's 13x7x1 inches and has crinkled paper in the fabric to appease your pup. (Plus, it's stuffing free, so you won't have to worry about a big mess if it does get torn apart.) The item is great for small, medium, and large breeds.

Buy It: Daisy Duck Dog Toy ($9, Chewy)