Your Dog Can Bring Home $10,000 a Year – As an Influencer

Your Dog Can Bring Home $10,000 a Year - As an Influencer
Your Dog Can Bring Home $10,000 a Year - As an Influencer

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Since we developed dogs as a separate entity from wolves, they have filled many niches in our lives. Working dogs are nothing new. Many of the first working dogs were ratters, herders, or sled dogs. Today, this has diversified into many different jobs for dogs. Therapy dogs, service dogs, police dogs, and others all are important aids to people.

But they rarely get paychecks – the training for these dogs is actually very expensive. However, what if your dog could bring home the bacon just by being themselves?

A Part-Time Job for Full-Time Playful Dogs is a retailer of  toys, treats, and other products centered around enriching the lives of canines. Most of the employees on their payroll are human – but as of November 2022, they’re seeking a canine employee. “The successful pup will be a natural behind the camera, always happy to strike a pose and genuinely enjoy having their photo taken and being filmed as they try out our latest personalized gifts,” the company says in the job ad.

The ‘Chief Fluff Officer’, as the new employee will be designated, can earn up to $10,000 a year. Most of the job requirements center on being good-natured, ready to play, and adorable. However, the competition is stiff. Over 3,000 hopeful pups have already applied.

Getting a Start as a Pet Influencer

If you dream of your pup getting into modeling, acting, or related opportunities, don’t be afraid to start. A way to stand out among the competition is for your pet to already have a devoted following. Try making your dog a hit on Instagram, TikTok, or other social media. Your dog doesn’t need to have a special skill or talent to be an influencer – they may just be hilarious when caught getting into trouble, or they might have a cute expression; crowd appeal is often based on ‘cuteness’, not uniqueness.

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