Dog Breaking Puppy Sibling Out of Crate Is Cuteness Overload

Talk about double trouble.

TikTok user @remy_rocco was beginning crate training for the Golden Retriever puppy and as many of you probably know, that’s no easy task. Some dogs might cry the entire time they’re in the crate. It could be a few weeks or months of accidents in the crate. But eventually, they’ll learn or they’ll find a different way out.

That’s what happened to this puppy. He trusted in his big doggy brother to break him out of the crate and the result was very much in this pup’s favor. Let’s just say we all need a ride-or-die bestie like this. Check it out! 

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Aww! This is the definition of partners in crime if we’ve ever seen it! You can’t blame the older dog, he just wanted to play with his bestie and that’s as cute as it gets.

@user5920962193300 wrote, “Training is going very well.” We 100% agree with that! He got done with training way sooner than anyone expected. LOL! “Scrappy and Scooby-Doo,” said @tinamarie.25. Aww, we love that!

“Double trouble starting early,” said @lornadandyanimalart. If this is a glimpse into what life will be like with two dogs, these owners are in for the long haul! @makeithungrish commented on what the older dog was thinking, “Hold on little buddy, I’mma getcha out.” And that he did! He was breaking his best friend out of jail. We don’t even know if our bestie would do that for us. LOL!

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