Upside-Down Pineapple Meaning: Its Hidden Message Revealed

Here's where you might see these symbols in public places.

If you see an upside-down pineapple symbol on someone's phone case, tote bag or car, you may think it's just a cute trend. But in actuality, it holds a deeper meaning—one that many TikTok users are posting about lately! It leaves many wondering, "What is an upside-down pineapple's meaning?"

Wearing or displaying an upside-down pineapple is similar to quoting a line from an obscure movie, at least in the sense that when others recognize it for what it is, there is mutual, shared understanding—even as it goes over the heads of other individuals. 

While to most people, an upside-down pineapple appears to be nothing more than a quirky fruit display, to others, it has a much different meaning.

What Does an Upside-Down Pineapple Mean? 

An upside-down pineapple is actually an identifying symbol that swingers use to recognize each other in public. It signals to others that you are interested in "swinging."

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What Are Swingers?

A swinger is someone in a non-monogamous long-term or married relationship, where consensual partner-swapping is part of their dynamic.

For an official swingers definition, according to, a swinger is "a person who engages in the exchanging of spouses for sexual activities."

Swinging is just one style of "casual non-monogamy."

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What Are Other Styles of Casual Non-Monogamy?

According to researchers Terri D. Conley and Jennifer L. Piemonte, open relationships, polyamory and swinging are all different styles of casual non-monogamy—and there are differences between them all, including relationship satisfaction.

"Across three studies, we demonstrated that people in polyamorous or swinger-style relationships have higher levels of relationship satisfaction and other relational outcomes (e.g., passionate love, trust) than those in open relationships," they explain.

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Where Are Upside-Down Pineapples Usually Displayed?

Duos who are interested in partner-swapping may have upside-down pineapples displayed casually on belongings like bags or laptops, or this pineapple symbolism could be more brazenly featured on their doors while traveling (like at a hotel or on a cruise ship). It is also common to place an actual pineapple upside down in a shopping cart while at the grocery store.

Pineapples (right-side-up) can also be incorporated into front porch decor such as a pineapple door knocker or a pineapple-themed welcome mat. However, it's important to realize that not everyone who displays pineapples in these specific ways understands their underlying association!

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